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OCTANORM is the?leading quality brand?in?exhibition construction systems. In 1969 OCTANORM established by Hans Staeger with the vision to develop an intelligent exhibition system combining efficiency, flexibility and individuality. The idea was developed into a concept that ignited the revolution of systems and OCTANORM continues to be a leader in product innovation and quality.

As a?medium-sized company, we have maintained our?independence?until this day, which allows us to react quickly to changes and new requirements in our markets. The core areas are in?development?and?trade?in the areas of exhibition construction, presentation, interior design, cleanroom and project solutions.

In our almost 50-year history, we have developed into a specialized and globally active?aluminum system manufacturer. As one of the few in the industry, we are developing and producing in Germany and are proud of our quality?”?Made in Germany“.

Today, OCTANORM is considered an?important technology driver?with a strong focus on?innovation?and?quality. The production and processing of our aluminum profiles with our modern machinery is carried out at the highest technical level. For this reason, we are setting the stage for continuous development, production and worldwide distribution.

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39 Port Road, Robertsham, Johannesburg South 2091, Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa

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